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Welcome to Highpoint Humevo. This is a transition website as highpointep.com is being phased out and humevo.org is being phased in.

Carmen Cook and Michael Hansen formed Highpoint Experience, Inc. in 1995. Highpoint Experience was a highly successful training company primarily dedicated to team building and leadership development. Changes in our professional lives made it apparent that it was time to dissolve the corporation at the end of 2012.  Carmen has taken a full-time position as VP of People and Culture for Apptio and Michael is working on developing his next project, humevo.org. We are grateful for the rich experience of our 17-year adventure with Highpoint Experience and would like to thank the thousands of people who shared this journey with us.

Highpoint was also the publishing company for my award-winning book, Another Way to Be – The Path Within. I have decided to keep highpointexp.com active in order to continue on-line book sales during this transition period. Distribution of Another Way to Be and other writing projects, workshops, and trainings that I am currently working on will form the foundation of humevo.org

OwlThe name Humevo comes from José Humevo (pronounced hew-'may-vo), the main character in Another Way to Be – The Path Within. José Humevo is Joe HUMan EVOlution – he is the spirit of human evolution. It was an inside joke that may have been a bit too obtuse. After seven years in publication I figured it was time to be more transparent about the nature of José Humevo. If you’ve read the book without this particular insight, I highly recommend that you give it a second look with this additional information. I think you will find it a more enlightening story seen through this lens.

The focus of humevo.org is organic human evolution – that natural state of moving forward when we are willing and able to get out of the way of the natural evolutionary process. It’s not so much about learning as it is about unlearning, all the unhealthy patterns that are commonly gathered during the course of the human experience.

All of my work moving forward will be tied in some manner to the concept of organic human evolution. It’s the place where my passion lives. It’s also a fairly inclusive subject area, so I shouldn’t have any problem staying within those boundaries. I am clear about some of the projects under development and I am excited to see what surprises may show up along the way. Stay tuned.

All the best,



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